Good news, the "Hydro Sausage Stuffer" is for sale! 


"The Hydro Sausage Stuffer" comes with a set of stainless steel horns for different size casings ( .5", .75", 1.0", 1.25" ) O.D.  The "Hydro Sausage Stuffer" holds approximately 100 lbs of sausage.  To power the stuffer all that is needed is water pressure from a water spigot.  Just attach a garden hose and you are ready to stuff.  We have used as little as 55 psi of water pressure and up to 90 psi of water pressure.  There is a need to close down the intake water valve when using 90 psi of water pressure.  If you haven't seen the Hydro Sausage Stuffer in action, it is capable of making smokey's, pork sausage, etc.


How the Stuffer Works:

Step #1 - Unscrew the top of the stuffer.  

Step #2  - Use vegetable oil to oil the inside of the tube.

Step #3 -  Install the piston. 

Step #4 - Screw the top on and then back the lid off a full turn after snugly hand tightening. (IMPORTANT - Do not over tighten) 

Step #5 - Hook-up the water supply. 

Step #6  - Close the drain valve. 

Step #7 - Open the intake valve and fill the the tube with water. 

Step #8 - When the tube is full, close the intake valve and open the drain valve, this will suck the piston down into the starting position. 

Step #9 - Open the lid and check the progress of the piston, it should be lowering to the bottom of the tube. 

Step #10 - When the piston has lowered to the desired level, the sausage can be added. 

Step #11 - Close the drain valve. 

Step #12 - Screw the top back on, add the horn size that is desired. 

Step #13 - Open the intake valve. 

Step #14 - Open sausage valve at top of lid and purge until sausage is showing at tip of the horn.

Step #15 -Add casing to horn and start having fun.


Also, I do not know if the material used in the fabrication of the Hydro Sausage Stuffer is USDA approved.  Please see the above pictures and the videos below!
Thank you,
Rick Hottenrott



The best thing to happen to sausage since cheese and crackers!!

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